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Leading Edge Claims Services

Leading Edge Claims Services Inc. (LECSI) is an independent adjusting firm serving southern Ontario and particularly the Niagara and Golden Horseshoe Regions. LECSI was founded in 2011 by Jeff Edge after spending 22 successful years with a national firm. It is our belief that insurance claims should not be handled as a commodity, rather, our clients always have and will continue to require individual claims investigation and assessment services by professional, highly skilled claims adjusters who can adapt to individual clients needs, policies, and unique situations and scenarios that arise.

Often insurance claims require specialized unique handling and attention in order to achieve the proper outcome, while the adjuster remains a fair and un-biased representative acting between the parties to an insurance contract.

Our years of experience, professionalism and dedication to our core values will ensure that each claim assignment is handled with the utmost competency in the best interests of the client and their customer.

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